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CocoRidge is now available to all you awesome Coloradans through our partners Door To Door Organics!

By far the smoothest and most refreshing!

Ryan G.

Stay up CocoRidge! Love the drink. Good Crew

Jeremy Jones

CocoRidge 100% Coconut Water

CocoRidge was born in Breckenridge, Colorado. Our head honcho Helena Hollis realized the need for a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks. As a huge fan of outdoor sports, health and nutrition, she discovered that Coconut Water was a better way to refuel your body, and the perfect mountain sports drink.

Whether skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling in the dry cold winter months or hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing under the scorching summer sun, hydration is key to pushing that extra 10%. In Colorado both locals and tourists like to burn the candle at both ends and our 100% Coconut Water rehydrates and refuels them to rock the next day.